TV Smith, Alternative Top 50, Foruli Codex, ISBN 9781905792689
TV Smith. Foreword by Henry Rollins.
Horace Panter Art, Foruli Codex, ISBN 9781905792528
Horace Panter. Foreword by Goldie.
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Silhouettes, art print by Andy Vella, Foruli Codex AVOP2
Andy Vella
It's Too Late To Die Young Now by Andrew Mueller, Foruli Codex, ISBN 9781905792566
Andrew Mueller
Obscure: Observing The Cure by Andy Vella, Foruli Codex, ISBN 9781905792443
Andy Vella. Foreword by Robert Smith.
Obscured, art print by Andy Vella, Foruli Codex AVOP1
Andy Vella
Saturday's Kids by Darren Russell, Foruli Codex, ISBN 9781905792269
Darren Russell
The Smiths by Lawrence Watson, Foruli Codex, ISBN 9781905792450
Lawrence Watson
East End by David Apps, Foruli Codex, ISBN 9781905792306
David Apps. Foreword by Micky Geggus.